feed one 's sight on! How powerful is the copper ammonia fiber called "breathing"?

Seeing the word "copper ammonia", more people will think that it is a metal substance. In fact, copper ammonia fiber is a kind of regenerated cellulose fiber. It dissolves natural cellulose raw materials such as cotton lint in the concentrated ammonia solution of copper hydroxide or alkaline copper salt to form a spinning solution. In the coagulation bath, the molecular chemical of copper ammonia cellulose is decomposed to regenerate cellulose, and the hydrated cellulose is processed to obtain copper ammonia fiber.

The cross section of copper ammonia fiber is circular and has no skin core structure. The fiber can withstand high tension. The resulting monofilament is fine, generally below 1.33 dtex (1.2 denier) and up to 0.44 dtex (0.4 denier). Therefore, the fabric feels soft, glossy and soft, with a silk feeling. The hygroscopicity of copper ammonia fiber is close to that of viscose fiber, and its public moisture regain is 11%. Under general atmospheric conditions, the moisture regain can reach 12% - 13%. Under the same dyeing conditions, the dyeing affinity of copper ammonia fiber is greater than that of viscose fiber, and the coloring is deeper. Because the fiber is fine and soft, and the luster is suitable, it is often used as high-grade silk or knitted fabrics. Its wearability is excellent, moisture absorption is good, and it has a very draping feeling. Its wearability is similar to that of silk, which conforms to the trend of environmental protection clothing. Copper ammonia fiber is relatively expensive. It has four major functions of breathing, refreshing, antistatic and good drapability. Its most attractive characteristics are moisture absorption and moisture release. It is a breathing and refreshing fiber.

The use of copper ammonia fiber is basically the same as that of viscose fiber, but the single fiber of copper ammonia fiber is thinner than that of viscose fiber. Its product has excellent wearing performance, similar to silk, and has a very draping feeling. In addition, it has a good anti-static function. Even in dry areas, it still has a good tactile feeling and can avoid the uncomfortable feeling of heat. This is an important reason why it has become a popular underwear lining, and it is still in an irreplaceable position.

The properties of copper ammonia staple fiber and viscose fiber are similar. In the spinning process, as long as the key technology of each process is mastered, high-quality yarn can be spun. Baoding Yimian can produce 10 to 80 short fiber pure or blended yarns; The trial spinning of 20 woven Yarns Blended with copper ammonia fiber and rich and strong viscose fiber produced by Shandong Jide Ecological Technology Co., Ltd. was successful; The quality of copper ammonia staple fiber yarn produced by Jiangsu Nantong ermian Group Co., Ltd. has reached the expected requirements of the developer, and the price is lower than that of Tencel fiber yarn, which has certain market promotion value.

At present, copper ammonia fiber is not only used for lining, but also an indispensable fabric in the field of garment design. Copper ammonia can be compounded with other materials to make various high-grade silk fabrics and knitted fabrics to expand the texture performance of fabrics. Therefore, it is often used as high-grade fabric raw materials, especially suitable for blending or pure spinning with wool and synthetic fiber, and making high-grade knitted fabrics. It is more and more widely used at home and abroad!